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The  water buffalo horn only becomes available after the natural demise of the animal. Even the horn shavings, which are a by-product of the frame-making process, can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Buffalo horn is a highly resistant and durable material. The use of natural horn makes the frame much more comfortable and light to wear than other synthetic materials. We source only the best quality water Buffalo horn to create each and every unique product.  




One of the most unique frames in the world and made with the finest and natural buffalo horn materials. 

We provide unique bespoke services from selection of quality raw materials, the design of the shape and style of the eyewear, to perfecting the specifications and fitting of the frame. Our objective is to ensure our customers experience the satisfaction that each of their eyewear product is tailor-made with our passion for them to enjoy wearing for many years to come.  






There are as many as 100 manual processes involved in the making of each of Motif buffalo horn frame. Quality and precision are at the heart of our philosophy which begins  from the selection of raw materials to design, production and delivery of the products. Each frame is an individual and unrivalled masterpiece.

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Buffalo Horn frame is made of 100% genuine buffalo horn.  From the originality of the natural product itself, each individual frame has its own unique color and pattern and each frame is a masterpiece which reflects the beauty of nature.  

Our company has been established since 2000 and we are a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to produce the best buffalo horn frame. We combine tradition and innovation to create stylish and quality craftsmanship. 




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